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02-27-11 Hey, how about that! Less than a year since the last entry! Uploaded that last two years' Christmas letters, 2009 and 2010. You don't have to read them, they aren't that interesting. Not much else to say. Broke down and bought bifocals after Christmas, must be getting old. Can't put in too much at this time, have to save some news for this year's Christmas letter.

04-13-10 Looks like been sleeping for over three years, but just lazy. Will put updates in here more often now I hope. Lates news is that I broke my ankle in a fall just before Christmas last year but am pretty well over it now. .

12-30-06 Happy New Year again!! No updates for quite a while huh? Well, here's the 2006 Christmas letter for anyone interested. The letter says most of it, and I will get some photos up soon.

12-31-05 Happy New Year!! Adding the official 2005 Christmas letter here for anyone who didn't get one in their card, (or didn't get a card). If you didn't get a card this year and missed us, be sure to let us know so we can at least keep in touch once a year!

10-21-05 Some news: Family Reunion was great! (As usual.) We spent July 4th in Lapine again, a good time was had as usual. September we met Howard and Shirley, and Jim and Sharon Dean, (Shirley's sister and brother-in-law), at the coast for several days of running on the sand dunes in quads. You know, those 4-wheeled motorcycles? Had a great time again. See some pictures at Sept. 2005 Dunes trip, miscellaneous shots. Bad news for this summer/fall is that we lost two of our pets. Cat Rudy earlier and dog Ralf just after we got back from the dunes trip. We were going to wait but ended up getting another dog right away. She is a young mostly Border Collie named Lucy and a real sweetheart. She is prettier than the pictures I have so far. (See the Pictures page.) If you missed the news, Jim Ezzell had a close call this summer. Some of the medication he was taking had a very bad side affect, and he ended up in Intensive Care for a week. He is much, much, much, better now. Email Janet, (see below), for more details.

03-29-05 Just got the word from cousin Judy. Snook Family Reunion will be in Siletz again this year. Date is July 16th. Don't forget to mark your calandar.

12-18-04 Added the 2004 Christmas letter to the site for anyone who didn't get one with their Christmas card. (Or didn't get a card.)

09-25-04 Nothing new except we had our picture taken. Now moved to the "Pictures Page" so it won't be staring you in the face all the time.

08-18-04 Yard sale is done for another year. Too hot, but we got rid of some stuff. Snook Family Reunion is over with for another year. It was a great day in Siletz, beautiful weather, lots of great food, and because the homes have river frontage, anyone who dared had water activities available. Only bad part was that we all ate too much and that the day had to end. Contact Judy with any ideas for next year.

04-26-04 Added the Arizona Trip Log for anyone interested who hasn't heard the story.

12-23-03 Added the 2003 Christmas letter to the site for anyone who didn't get one with their Christmas card. (Or didn't get a card.)

01-16-03 Added the "Pictures" link above. Only two pictures now, but hope to add more later. They are pretty big, and may be slow loading.

01-06-03 Added this "NEWS" field, for anything that others may find interesting. Added this link, 2002 Christmas Letter, for anyone who didn't get one with their Christmas card. (Or didn't get a card.) Read the letter to catch up with us through Christmas.

01-04-03 Set this site up visitable. Site advertisement will be by word-of-mouth, as this is for myself and family. (I need a starting site to log onto on the internet) Anyone interested is welcome to visit, bookmark, and use as they like.

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